Kills 99.9% germs and viruses

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Store your masks in our CERTIFIED

Antibacterial Copper Mask Case!

  • Antibacterial & Antimicrobial

  • Kill 99.9% germs and viruses

  • Sanitize your mask temporarily till wash

  • Multi-functional
    can be used to store other items

  • Water and dust resistant

  • Compact design, easy portability

  • Simple to use, unlimited usage

Face Mask has become an essential product to our life, worn to protect and keep us from contacting germs and bacteria.

But incorrect handling and storage can be more harmful to our health!!

Your mask can potentially pick up more germs and bacteria from contacting dirty surfaces like placing it

on table or dash board, inside jean pocket or purse etc.

To make matter worse, many are keeping and reusing disposable masks when they are meant to be discard daily.

Keep your masks sanitized and cleaned against germs and viruses while not in use

Antimicrobial Pouch Made of Copper

Kills 99.9% viruses within 30 minutes

Antimicrobial properties of copper

Copper is good at killing viruses?

How does copper kill bacteria?

Copper dissolves from

the copper surface and causes cell damage

The cell membrane ruptures because of copper and other

stress phenomena, leading to loss of membrane pot

Copper ions induce the generation of reactive oxygen species,

which cause further cell damage

Genomic and plasmid DNA degraded

Grass, G, Rensing C, Solioz M. (2011) metallic copper as an antimicrobial surface. American Society for Microbiology

•  Killing power of bacterial colonies on copper

Human Coronavirus 229E Remains infactious on Common Touch Surface Meterils

(Sarah L. Warnes, Zoe R. Little, C William Keevil)

Exposure to copper destroyed the virus completely and irreversibly.

Antimicrobial copper surfaces help reduce the spread of respiratory viruses and protect

public health.

The antimicrobial activities of our copper pouch film has been tested and confirmed by Seoul National University.

Not all copper-based films are the same.

The antimicrobial test conducted by Seoul National University shows that our copper-based film

has inhibitory effect on coronavirus (BCoV), and self-disinfection was confirmed

against 99.94% in 30 minutes and 99.99% in 4 hours

Final inhibitory efficiency of two species of antimicrobial film against BCoV

"Inhibit effectiveness on BCoV of antimicrobial film"

Department of Virology, Veterinary College, Seoul National University





Stay protected by storing your masks in our copper mask pouch.

Any masks including respiratory face masks can be stored,

and it makes ultimate protective combo when use with

our Aerosilver™ masks.

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